I lost my little yorkie a short while ago.  It was unexpected and devastating.   Spice was my little love bug.  His sister was also part of our family.  I know dogs don’t want to be by themselves when their humans are not home.  We loved each other from the time we became a family.  Where I was, he was.  If I went upstairs, he would come up and lay down close to where I was.   I would talk to him, pick him up and kiss him all over his little face.  As he got older, he could not come up the stairs and would wait for me at the bottom of the steps.   His health became an issue, and he was at his vet a lot.  He was on a lot of different medications.  Soon, he began pacing.  I brought him to the vet and a different medication was prescribed.  He continued to eat and go to the bathroom normally.  Spice and his sister were on a chair beside me as I worked on the computer.  He feel off the chair and began to seizure.  I thought he was choking and did the choking maneuver.

It did not work.  His seizures became petit mal and I rushed him to the vet.  He had a brain mass.  He was put on phenobarbital and the seizures stopped.  I knew he was in pain, so I made the painful decision to put him down.  I thank God my sister was w/ me.  I feel such primal pain about his passing.  I created a memorial for him, and that is where he is buried.  I planted flowers.  I want him back and that is not going to happen.   If only it could.


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